Start & Stop Times

The Superintendent, district leadership, and the Board of Education are exploring the options for school start and stop times for the 2023-24 school year.  



  • Tues, January 12 - Superintendent announces at board meeting beginning of start/stop time discussion

  • Tues, January 17 - Principal committee meeting to discuss and appoint staff/parent representatives

  • Wed, January 18 - Stakeholder input form posted on website and social media. Form is still open for input - you can complete here

  • Tues, January 24 - Leadership committee meeting 

  • Tues, Feb 7 - Staff & community representatives meeting

  • Tues, Feb 14 - Principal meeting to discuss proposal and review staff and community input

  • Wed, Feb 15 - FAQ's page created 

  • Tues, Feb 28 - Community Q/A meeting about proposed plan

  • Fri, March 3 - BOE work session 

  • Thurs, March 9 - BOE regular meeting



Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this good for Elementary students? 

Elementary students will now be able to begin their school day when they are most alert. Research consistently shows elementary students perform better early in the day.  


Why is this good for Middle School students?

Middle School students will now be aligned with the Junior High & High School students for extracurricular activities.


Why is this good for High School & Junior High students?

Research shows older students do better with later starts.  These times also do not affect extracurricular activities or students' ability to work after school. 


What time can I drop my child off at school?

See the proposal for "open" times.  This is 7:45am at PJHS & PHS, 7:30am at JMS, and 7:15am at all Elementary Schools.  Students may ride the bus or be dropped off after these times. 


What about after school care?

HES, HCES, TES, and JMS will all continue to offer after school care until 6pm.  You should not have to change the time you pick up your student.  All students may ride the bus, be picked up at the "stop school" time, or stay in after school care.   PJHS & PHS will continue to dismiss all students at the "stop school" times. 


Why does this need to be decided now?

Changing the times is not a decision we take lightly.  If the times change, we need as much time as possible for the following:

  • Updating bus routes and transportation logistics 

  • Coordinating HS schedules with dual enrollment schedules at several colleges/universities

  • Building master schedules with the new times and minutes for classes

  • Adjusting special education students' individualized plans which require specific minutes listed for each class

  • Changing schedules for all school related staff, including instructional, clerical, transportation, school nutrition, and contracted employees

  • Allowing parents time to plan for their personal logistics



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