Alumnus of the Week -- John B. Chastain, MD

                We are happy to share our Alumnus of the Week, Dr. John B. Chastain.  Dr. Chastain is a 1994 graduate of PHS.  He graduated with a degree in Applied Biology from Georgia Tech and went on to earn his MD degree from the Medical College of Georgia.  He shares that he spent a total of 13 years training after high school, and adds “but you’ve got to spend your time doing something!”  Being a life-long learner is important.

                John states that several things contributed to his success in high school, but the most influential was the culture of success fostered by his parents and family.  “When success is expected, it is easier to deliver than to let others down,” he writes.  His mother, Kaye Chastain, was head of the PHS English department during his high school days, so he was always under extra scrutiny!  In high school, he chose to hang out with the “smart, successful” crowd, giving praise to positive peer pressure as a contributor to his success.  Finally, he shares that his involvement in church and his faith in Jesus helped him to stay away from most of the bad stuff that keeps high schoolers from doing their best.

                Early in college, Dr. Chastain shares that he knew he wanted to go to medical school, so he chose to study biology.  He came to medicine on his own terms.  His brother was in medical school while John was in college, so his family sort-of pushed him toward medicine.  Being stubborn, he pushed back!  He looked into being a professional pilot but ultimately decided against it.  He decided to become a physician because it would allow him to use his brain, help others become healthier, and would allow him to provide for himself and his family.

                John currently resides with his wife, son, and two dogs in the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, in southern Arizona.  He is an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) with Tucson ENT (tucsonent.com).  During his time away from work, he enjoys traveling, exercising, and gaming (Xbox, PC).  He also enjoys getting beat by his 10-year-old at basketball! 

                When asked what advice he would give to high school students, Dr. Chastain says that students should avoid things that get them into trouble and they must stay in school!  If you do those things, there is a 95+ percent chance you will turn out OK!  When in doubt, doing what your momma would want you to do, is key to staying on the road to success.

                Congratulations to Dr. John B. Chastain, PHS Alumnus of the Week!