Covid-19 Cases in Pickens County Schools

Count of Student and Staff Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the Pickens County School System.

These numbers represent active cases as of Monday, July 25, 2022.

It is important to note that these people are not at school or work at this time. This information is posted only to keep everyone informed of the status of the district.

**We will update this chart periodically as long as our total infections in school locations (positive cases) are less than 5 and the county is at a low or moderate level as determined by DPH. **

These numbers represent active cases as of
Name of School Number of Positive Cases  Percentage of School Population
Hill City Elementary 0 -- %
Harmony Elementary 0 -- %
Jasper Middle 0 -- %
Pickens High 0 -- %
Pickens Jr. High 0 -- %
Tate Elementary 0 -- %

Total Infections
(school locations only)

0 -- %
NOTE:   There is 1 additional positive case in the district as of the time of this update.